Best Online Dating Websites In The United States

Best Online Dating Websites In The Unites States

Long gone the days when your Friday night dates or your search for a serious relationship was found in a bar. Time has changed and so have the modern means of dating. Exploring the data of online dating in the United States, we see millions of users on high rated websites. Even the second tier dating websites competes around with thousands of users. But as we say, there’s a very thin line being an evil or good, so is with online dating. These plenty of choices has merits and demerits. On one hand, it gives you the leverage to message millions of singles. But on the other hand, there are tons of bot profiles on such websites. One have to be careful with such kind of profiles as they are just looking to take your data.

A big thumbs up to the experience and reviews from hundreds of people who guided me to write on this. Isn’t it amazing that there is an online dating website for almost everyone in the United States? It certainly is! So if you are new to this online dating stuff or if you are struggling to find an appropriate dating website, then this article is definitely for you. I have recommended below some websites which will stay updated in the future as well.


Hinge is an app-based platform available for both Android and iOS users. Its primary goal is to be marked as a bit younger and cooler than the others in the business. But the fact that makes Hinge different is the theory that it uses Facebook Connections. Besides that, the application has a Your-turn feature which reduces ghosting. It reminds the other user to respond back to keep the conversation alive.

Lavalife- Make Dating Fun Again! is one of the early leaders of the online dating industry. Lavalife’s In-Common feature is what makes it different from the others. It is very popular in United States and Canada but doesn’t comes with extensive features like other big websites do. Besides this, Lavalife is one of the few websites that gives you a tour of its premium version on a trial base. is one of the biggest websites in terms of users, reviews and rankings. But famous dating websites are often notorious for bots and spams. It’s graph of performance has gone down in past 18 months mainly because of low quality profiles. Though being the oldest in the business, they offer you a wide variety of choices.

eHarmony is technically one of the best online dating website in the United States and Canada. What makes it different is it’s questionnaire system which gets you connected to related/desired people. eHarmony uses certain algorithms which matches your habits and interests based on the questionnaire. Besides this, users are able to see the matches and their connection score from these questions. is another dating website from the parent company of, which in my opinion is there to compete with eHarmony. It follows the same procedure of questionnaire to avoid spammers and attract serious people. Moreover its one of the website that focus on people looking for serious relationship. But one has to pay to enable it’s decent search functionality. So, if you are looking for a serious relationship and you’re willing to spend some money for it, then this will be your ideal dating website.

Plenty Of does have a good number of user base, but it feels sketchy when you use it. Also its User Interface(UI) is it’s major downside. Its mostly free and guess what, spams are also free with it. It requires a whole bunch of skills to get few replies. The suggestion is to try it after you are done with all the remaining options.

Okcupid is another 100% free website but with a larger number of users. Its very difficult to get a hand on a free dating website. But it has worked like a wonder for some people I know. My suggestion is to not to rely on this completely, but also don’t kick this good option out of your list.

BB People Meet is one of the best dating websites for Big and Beautiful people. So if you are a plus-sized person or if you are looking to date one, the this dating website is for you. There’s a wide variety of singles up there and the number goes up everyday. Not just in the United States, it has quality users from all around the globe.

GayCupid is the best in the category. Besides this, it has a certain feature which so far none of the dating websites have. Fake profiles have always been a trouble for the users but none of the websites take them seriously as they too generates revenue for them. At least no one before Gay Cupid. They see verification as a priority and it is definitely important in this sensitive category.

JDate is the best result-orient website for Jewish community. It has thousands of users from the Jewish community. Once you are here you will find tons of matches for your filtered category.

Christian Mingle

If religion is your priority while finding a suitable date or your serious relationship then will be your go-to guide. They are the oldest in the category and have thousands of members. Besides this, its free to sign up and free users get lot of options which are usually paid in other online dating websites.

Single Parent Meet

As the name tells it all, centrally focus only on people who are either divorced or are raising a child alone. There are not much options in this category but people have experienced good results from this.

If you are aged above 50, then is the perfect option for you. Its reasonable monthly fee along with the quality is what attracts the most. Besides this, it gives you an option to send video greetings.

Besides this, there are various other LGBT friendly websites. List will be updated as soon as there is a suitable entrant. If you have more suggestions, let us know in comments.


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